Banners A variety of banner shapes for you to paint! These can be painted on either side for display, and can be stacked onto the framework (it will hold about 3). Mix and match with the toppers to your heart's desire!
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Part Number: Jul14-HC-PM

Price: $6.50
BOO Banner and/or Spider Topper
Jul-14 BTV Halloween Club
Laser etch MDF
Part Number: 14-24

Price: $4.50
Banner forKim's Harvestdesign.
Part Number: 14-23

Price: $4.50
Banner forJamie's Snowman design.
Part Number: 14-22

Price: $4.50
Banner forKim's Sailor Mandesign.
Part Number: 14-21

Price: $4.50
Banner for Jamie's AHOY design.