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Eco Stencils
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Eco-friendly stencil - the intricate detail cuts are preserved using this medium density cardstock, made from recycled paper. They hold up well fordrybrush stenciling;however pasting success (using variousmediums), varies depending on the medium used...but giving a coat of varnish to both sides helps greatly (thanks Phyllis for that tip!). They are affordably priced,for one or two time usage, as care determines....f(or dry-brushing they will hold up great for several usages, but pasting your stencilswith Modeling Paste or Stucco Mediums we find theresults may vary - we foundthat they work best with the DA Modeling Paste). Give them a try, you can experiment and see what works best for you. Whata great stocking stuffer for your artsy/craftsy friends!.We recommend the varnishing - great idea!
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