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Part Number: EMB-8

Price: $5.00
More Snowflake Embellishments
Set of 12
Part Number: EMB-7

Price: $3.00
Emblem Embellishments
Part Number: EMB-6

Price: $4.00
Button Embellishments
Set of 12
This includes 4 Small round buttons 4 hole, 3 medium round with two hole, 2 medium with four hole,
1 Square with 4 holes, 1 round large with two holes and 1 Extra large round with two holes.

Part Number: EMB-1

Price: $5.00
Snow Flake Embellishments
Set of 12
This includes 6 fancy, 4 rounded, 1 medium and 1 large Snowflake
Part Number: EMB-5

Price: $3.00
Polka Dotty Embellishments
Part Number: EMB-4

Price: $3.00
Star Shine Embellishments
Part Number: EMB-3

Price: $3.00
Hearts Devine Embellishments
Part Number: EMB-2

Price: $3.00

Flower Power Embellishments
(The smaller flowers were used in “100 Angels” book.)

Part Number: 14-29

Price: $3.00
Wheel, Whale, Anchor Embellishment