Laser Designs

A variety of laser cut designs to keep you painting happy.

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These laser-cut ornaments are from Jamie's (Between the Vines) designs; mosthave the initial pattern lineslightly etched on - great for painting multiples and for ease in can get right to the good stuff (detail!).
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Some of the wood shapes have the pattern lines very lightly etched (not stamped) onto the surface. These will paint up quickly for shows/bazaars, for fund-raising and also would be great for a quick Chapter class! (Surface does not include a pin back.)

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Fun paintingconcepts for your home decorating! Sit these on a window sill, shelf or, fun!
A Banner Idea!
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A neat design concept from Vines & Valhalla!
This frameworkhas a double base, sides (legs) and a top. Itholds a banner (or 3!) and has a slot on top for a decorative topper (see sub-caegories for optional designs). Jamie and Kim Hogue (Heavenly Heart Creations) both have 2 patternsfor thebanners; with more designs coming in the future. So stay tuned, you will find all of the components to create the completedconcept here.