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Part Number: LS-22

Price: $10.00
Chef Boo
Part Number: LS-14

Price: $1.55
Lisbeth Stull Train Ornament
Part Number: LS2-18

Price: $0.00

Part Number: PFPS-11

Price: $0.00
Picket Fence and Panels Slider (comes with one picket fence, one base).
Because this surface has more then onedesign for it, webroke it downso you canorder it allseparately (the fence base,words and panels). This surface is from the Between the Vines 2011 seminar series (the Three Bears and the Three Snowmen).
Packets are available at Jamie has designed two new projects, The Harvest (Autumn Word Panel) and Here Comes Santa (Santa Word Panel). The pattern packets will be available at soon.