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Valhalla Laser would like to explain a little bit about the MDF we use.

The MDF(Medium DensityFiberboard) is composed of 100% western white softwood that has a consistent light sandy color. The purity and long fibers associated with this material allow for deep detailed profiling and smooth machining for easier and better finishing. An added benefit ofthe MDF we use is the light color of the MDF reduces color show-through when painting. No Formaldehyde is added to this process. This flat density profile allows for heavy Shaping, Routering,Turning, and Cuttingwith results in the surface which can be laminate, paintable and staining.

One of the primary uses of MDF is high quality furniture and cabinetry. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted to pass the toughest, most comprehensive product standards in the world for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood. Currently, the CARB regulations Phase II limits for thin MDF became effective on January 1, 2012, which limits emissions to no more than 0.13 parts per million. The MDF we use meets or exceeds CARB Phase 2 standards and meets CARB NAF standards.

When using MDF with a laser, a smoke residue is produced whichyou can either sand off or paint over. With this MDF it is not necessary to seal before painting; though Jamie recommendsboth sealing andpainting (both sides)on her moredetailed designs.For ornaments and pins, she does not seal (the MDF accepts paint beautifully)but will apply paint to both sides, and of course, varnish as per manufacturers recommendation. You might want to try a small project or piece ofMDF and see how it works for you.

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Starting 17 August 2013, We have started a Reward Points from this day forward when you place an order you will receive ~ Reward Points: 1. For every two dollar spent on product you will earn 1 (one) reward point; each reward point equals .05 cents.
2. On your next order you can use the reward points, or save them and let them grow.
3. Once you use your reward point it will reduce the cost from the product cost on your order.
4. Reward Points are not valid on Wholesale orders.
5. Reward points are only accumulated while shopping for products online (not valid at conventions, seminars, shows or on Gift Certificates).
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